Air conditioner repair & installation Brampton

Specialising in air conditioner repair and installation in Brampton, we can ensure the temperature solution you need, whether for your home or office. We are fully qualified and experienced to do your installation and repair service.   Our installation service is available to the entire Brampton region. We repair and install a wide range of AC units and can provide just what you are looking for! We support our customers from a proactive problem solving space; our expert thinks outside the square and deliver valuable guidance and input from design through to repair and installation.

Providing specialist support to the highest standards means customers can rely on a proven record of accomplishment, industry expertise and the guarantee that our capable and experienced technicians will keep systems operating at full potential. 24X7 HVAC unwavering objective is to establish long and trusted relationships with people based on quality installations and repair, long-term reliable support through service delivery that ensure superior value. With more than 10 years’ experience providing complex or unique HVAC   installation and repair solutions in Brampton.

Brampton Air Conditioner Installation

24X7 HVAC is a leader in the field of air conditioning installation Brampton area. Our experienced and friendly technicians are excellent in air conditioning installation services.  When it comes to know-how our professionals stay up to date with the current changes and latest technological advancements in air-conditioning unit systems.  Our expert team can handle any task for Brampton air conditioner   installation, we can do it all.

Your comfort and satisfaction is our concern and you can count on 24X7 HVAC to provide you with professional and prompt air conditioning installation services that will meet your needs and comfort levels. At 24X7 HVAC, we take pride in the air conditioning installation services in the Brampton area. Our employees are trained to install different types of models. We always strive to ensure our customers the results they are looking for in a new air conditioner installation in Brampton.

Common problems with your Air Conditioner, which can be repaired?

Fan-Related problems

Fans blow inside air over the evaporator to cool it. Another one blows through the outdoor condenser to move heat outside. Fans enable the flow of air through the system, and they are an important part of the Air Conditioner. A damaged motor, degraded lubricant, wear and tear damage, and dirt can all cause to low airflow, decreased efficiency, and more over compressor failure.

Coils Require Replacement

Evaporator coils pump cool air into the home from the inside, while condenser coils run outside with the compressor. Both can become dirty or corroded. You have to clean outside coils with a hose every so often. It is important to call HVAC maintenance people every few years as well and consider picking up a home warranty for your air conditioning system.

Insufficient Refrigerant

Refrigerant clean heat and humidity from the air. If there is leaks in the refrigerant delivery system will decrease the efficiency of the cooler, and the temperature may vary as a result. Solving this issue often requires an HVAC expert to repair the leaks. This process can be expensive and time-consuming, depending on where the leak is.

Coil Problems

Faulty coils can stop the air emitted by your AC unit from circulating well. To fix this problem, check your air conditioner condensate drain frequently for any clogs. Additionally, take care not to allow high volume of debris and dirt build up on your coil, as this equally cause to damage the unit’s compressor and fan. Just as the other discussed air conditioner problems, ensure your AC unit is safely unplugged before you make to check its coil.


If your air conditioner’s grills are blocked, you will required to clean the unit’s motor, fan, and fins. Clean thoroughly down the sections above using a clean washcloth. However, confirm you do not dampen the washcloth, as these sections should not get wet under any situations. Also, to stay on the safer side, ensure your AC unit is unplugged before you begin the cleaning steps. Once the parts have been cleaned properly, the blockage should not be a complaint anymore.

Air conditioner repair Brampton

Don’t get caught in the Brampton oppressive summer heat because of a problem with your air conditioner. Call 24x7HVAC heating and air conditioning experts, Air conditioner repair and installation Brampton. We work seven days a week so that we can provide greater support for   AC emergency services. We offer,   our highly trained technicians can evaluate your current air conditioning system and make recommendations that fit your requirements.

We repair all brands of heating and cooling system quickly and effectively with prices. We understand that air conditioning outages in Brampton can be an emergency, so we pitch to responding as quickly as possible at 24/7 days. We will diagnose the complaints and provide a remedy to get you up and running with minimal downtime. Our service teams are fully trained so they    can make repairs immediately.

Why Choose 24x7HVAC for Emergency Air Conditioning Repair?

24x7HVAC pride ourselves on quality and customer service. We have over 10 years of combined experience, which means we know what it takes to heat and cool a home in Brampton. Our customers have always touch with us because of our expertise, honesty and economical rates. We are always trying to expand our customer base, but not at the expense of our high quality customer support.

We deliver the highest quality equipment at the best possible price, and we personally stand behind all of our new equipment installations. Unlike other air-condition companies, we will not   try to sell you some over-priced unit that is way too powerful for your accommodation. We will give you all the best choices so you can make the best selection for your home or property.

  • Honesty and Integrity: You can be guaranteed that the suggestion, we give and the repairs we make are honest.
  • Customer Service Quality: Our customers are our daily focus. We listen to our customers so that you can expect of a high level of service each and every time you approach our company.
  • Safety and Security: You can expect the safest and the highest quality service because all of our technician’s backgrounds are properly checked.
  • Unique Approach: As per our customers' comments, our Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism set us apart from other air condition companies.

Choosing the right Air Conditioner unit in Brampton

Brampton might only have a few truly sweltering days a year, but on those days a decent air conditioner can keep your room blessedly cool. We advise you to choose a top-notch air conditioner. The best air conditioning unit will cool your room quickly and evenly. The worst will be slow to make your room cool.

Air conditioning Units, not something we think about in the Brampton until you or your loved ones   are seriously hot and bothered. That is, when you required to know which air conditioner is best to buy.  One of the important thing is the type of AC unit. For the most effective AC you will be looking for a wall fixed split air conditioning unit or central air conditioning, rather than a portable unit. You have to check the BTU   measurement which tells you how effective the unit will be at cooling down your room. Check the ERR to know the   energy efficiency of the air con units

Frequently Asked Questions

Why professional AC installation is important?

Trained    AC technicians to properly size and install all types of AC systems. This will avoid the situation of complaints which comes from inexperienced installations.

What to consider before an AC installation in Brampton?

You should consult while deciding on a new air conditioning system for your home. They can advise you on a wide variety of unit types and brands so that you know exactly what your options are.

What is the importance of home insurance for your Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons that contribute to a broken AC unit, and repairs can be expensive. Instead of adjusting with complex AC components yourself, have the professionals handle regular AC maintenance and repairs in Brampton.

When to consider a repair or replace?

It can be a difficult job to figure out when to repair or replace your AC unit.  Before doing this, you to realize that your old air-conditioning unit has no more energy to keep your home cool in this brutal season. You should get proper advice from air conditioner repair and installation Brampton Company.

What size air conditioner do you need?

Air conditioner units come in various shapes and sizes, but are often described in terms of their BTU   output. Keep in mind the real BTU required to cool your room.

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